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CircuitWerkes Legacy Products Manuals

If you have a current CircuitWerkes product, you should be looking for your manual at http://www.circuitwerkes.com/support.html

The tech manuals on this page are for OUT-OF-PRODUCTION items. In many cases, these are simply older versions of current products. The following is a listing of the manuals for CircuitWerkes legacy products available online:

AC-12 1994 - 1999 The original AC-12 rack mounted telephone coupler bay. Use this manual if your AC-12 power supply / audio buffer card has 9 terminals. ac12-971.pdf
May 1999 - Dec 2001 This manual can be used for coupler cards AC-1b and AC-1c. Use this manual if your AC-12 power supply / audio buffer card has 9 terminals. ac12bk99.pdf
AC-2 1992- 1996 This manual is for the AC-2c, but can be used for the AC-2a and AC-2b. If your AC-2 is an original unit (uses a 555 timer inside), please contact us. ac2-971.pdf
AC-3 1996-1997 The original AC-3 hybrid telephone autocoupler with unbalanced audio output ac3bk971.pdf
1996-1997 This manual is for original AC-3s with ComboLok option for password security ac3cbo71.pdf
AD-16 1991 - 1996 Click here if you have an original AD-16 in a black plastic enclosure
CP-1 Pre 1998 Call Progress decoders made from 1995 to 1998 cp1-971.pdf
CP-1a 1999-2008 Call progress decoders made from 1999 to early 2008 cp1a_3-99.pdf
DR-10 1996 - 1997 For the original DR-10 or DR-10a dr10old1.pdf
DR-10 1998 -2005 Second Generation of DR-10 dr-10a_
DS-8 1995- 1998 Manual for the original DS-8 ds8bk971.pdf
DS-8a 1998-2000 Manual for the DS-8a ds-8a_book
DTMF-16 1992-1997 This manual is for the older DTMF-16b deluxe tone decoder in a black plastic box for single digits with 2-tone and anti-falsing modes. This manual can be used for the DTMF-16a as well. Please contact us if you have an original DTMF-16 (with no J3 or J4 on the board) dtmf-16b_
RP-1 1996-2002 For the RP-1 Remote Pak battery operated combination headphone and mic amp with metering and osc. rp1-971.pdf
SUB-03 1995-1997 Use this manual if you have the original SUB-03 in a black plastic box. sub3-971.pdf
Apr 1997- Jan 1998 Use this manual if you have a SUB-03a in a metal enclosure. sub3a971.pdf
Jan 1998- 2003 Use this manual if you have a SUB-03b, which is similar to the SUB-03a with only minor changes to facilitate production and slightly improve audio figures. sub3b981.pdf
TelTap V1.0 2003 to Mid- 2005 If you bought a TelTap prior to mid-2005, you probably need version 1.
If your TelTap has J1 & J2 but not J4, J5 or J6, then it's v1.0.
1996-2000 Manual for the most recent generation of TeleRadio DTMF remote controlled radio. Older versions going back to 1989 are no longer supported, however, they are schematically similar to this version. tradbk2.pdf

For your convenience, you can download both DTMF and subaudible tones for testing various CircuitWerkes products. Click Here.

If you don't see a manual listed that you need, or you discover any problems with any manuals, send e-mail to our support staff and we'll take care of it for you.

These manuals have generally printed amazingly well on a variety of printers, however, they are not absolutely guaranteed to print faithfully on every type of printer. If the printed output doesn't look like what you see on your screen, try a different printer or printer driver. If you still can't get it to print properly, e-mail us with the type of printer (and what it emulates, if anything) and we'll try to e-mail you a printable file.


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