CircuitWerkes WAM-6 - Six Channel Web Based Audio Monitor & Remote Control

Six Channel Remote Audio Mon & Control

Today, stations often have multiple audio sources to watch. From multiple HD channels to audio streams on the internet, there's a real need for monitoring multiple channels of audio. The WAM-6 lets you monitor up to six channels of audio and notifies you if anything goes wrong on any of them. An internal Web server lets you monitor up to six channels of independent audio from any Web browser, anywhere in the world. Automatically detects silence or overload on all channels.

Can be used as an inexpensive, Web-based, remote control

Need to remotely control something?  The WAM-6 gives you Web control of six relays (two are DPDT) that can be latching or momentary.  Two status inputs give a visual indication, via the Webserver, whenever grounded & can also trigger automated relay actions.   Use the WAM-6 anywhere that you need an inexpensive, network adressable, controller with status capabilities. Three levels of user control are available ranging from reader up to administrator.    

Automatic (user programmable) functions

When silence, overload, or external status change, is detected, the WAM-6 can perform user-programmed, automated, sequences of actions and can also respond to user control via the network or via external contact closure inputs.   Alternate actions (or cancellation of previous actions) can be set to run when the audio returns to normal.

E-mailing/SMS Texting

The WAM-6 supports SMTP and can send both e-mails and SMS text (to your phone) messages that alert you of alarm conditions. E-mailing is accomplished directly from the WAM-6 hardware. Additionally, the free software that is coming soon for the WAM-6 is also capable of sending e-mail or SMS messages. The software can also launch your default e-mail client (like Outplook Express) and send e-mails using that.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

The WAM-6 supports dynamic IP redirect services like and This allows you to use the WAM-6 on a dynamic IP instead of paying for a static IP. With DDNS, you can find your unit by name instead of by typing an IP number.

Free Upgrades

The WAM-6 is field upgradable. When new features are added or when a bug is found, you can easily and safely upgrade the units in the field with the latest firmware. With free upgrades, you can always keep your WAM-6 up-to-date.

Up to two WAM-6s can be optionally rack mounted in a single sized rack shelf. Administrators can perform all setup through the Web server.

> Internal Web Server lets you see your status from anywhere in the world
> Web server VU meters are accurate and fast responding.
> Detects Six Channels of Audio (independently adjustable channels).
> User-programmed relays (DPDT) close automatically or via Web control
> Balanced or unbalanced audio inputs.
>  82 User-definable alarm conditions can trigger up to 7 actions per alarm.
> External trigger inputs can activate user-defined actions.
> Six independant relay outputs (4 SPST & 2 DPDT), controlled by action sequences or by user command
> Relays can be momentary or latching.
> DHCP or Static IP capable.
> Full event scheduler for operating sequences via clock/calendar.
> Send e-mails directly from the device.
> Supports dynamic DNS redirect services
> Optional streaming module lets you receive Shoutcast/Icecast compatible mp3 or Ogg-Vorbis streams.
> Optional streaming module lets you transmit Shoutcast/Icecast compatible Ogg-Vorbis streams
> Network parameters fully user configurable including MAC address, Static/Dynamic IP, Netbios name & more.

WAM-2 with two silent channels
Above: The main operating screen for the WAM-6 with low volume detected (red meter backgrounds).

Below: The Configuration Screen for the WAM-6
WAM-6 Alarm Setup Page