The WebGain4 - remote controlled, 4 channel audio gain controller with integrated Web server

The CircuitWerkes WebGain4

 WebGain4 Front Panel  

The CircuitWerkes WebGain4 is a four channel audio gain controller that can be operated from the front panel or it can be operated remotely through its integrated Web server. It has four, single-channel, inputs and outputs and two mixed outputs. All inputs and outputs are balanced.

The integrated Web server lets users adjust the gain of each channel while viewing the output audio level, in real time, on its own meter in the browser of their choice. Each meter displays the measured audio level at the audio output port. The measurement value for each of the channels is set by a dedicated potentiometer adjustable from the front panel.

A front panel LCD, with user interface controls, allows for local control of the WebGain4, too. On the back panel are four individual channel outputs AND two mixer outputs that allow the WebGain4 to be used as either a 4-channel mono mixer or as a two-channel stereo mixer. All audio inputs and outputs appear on depluggable, three position, screw terminals. The network connection is via standard RJ-45.

Audio levels for each channel are independently adjustable over 256 steps from zero to a maximum audio output level of +17dBm. Channels can be linked together so that changes to one will automatically change all others in a group. The grouped function can be used to preserve stereo balance. Each channel can be stepped through its range of control by using up/down buttons, or any value. From 0 (zero) to 256, can be directly entered.

The WebGain4’s front panel can be locked to prevent unauthorized changes.


Connects to any LAN or the Internet


Four channels of independant audio.

> Two mix outputs for stereo/dual mono mixes.

Control the audio from the front panel or via the Web server


Real-time audio monitoring meters


User-settable, password prevents pirating.


Each channel can be individually controlled or channels can be grouped together to form pairs or all commonly controlled.


Channel labels are user defined.


Active balanced inputs & outputs on depluggable screw terminals

> Front panel LCD & controls for setting IP address, general configuration and controlling audio.
Both static and dynamic IP addresses are supported.
> Front panel multi-adjust mode lets you adjust all channels simultaneoulsy.
> Retains its settings after a power failure. 
> Web applet tells you if the network link is broken.
> Web applet auto-reconnects if the network link is broken
> Rugged, metal case can be table, wall or, optionally, rack mounted.

WebGain4 Main Screen

 Above: the Webgain4 Main screen

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