CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 TouchTone® Decoder & Silencer Option

DTMF-16 Connector Side

Optional Single or Dual Rack Mount Available

The DTMF-16 is excellent for controlling remote satellite receivers, network switching equipment, repeaters, or virtually any application where local control is inconvenient or impossible. Simply connect the DTMF-16's bridging input across an audio line and it's outputs will activate whenever a DTMF tone is received. The DTMF-16 is an inexpensive and convenient way to interface many news services to automation systems. For services using DTMF signals on voice channels, an inexpensive optional activation delay prevents false trips & mutes the audio during tones.

The Silencer™ equipped DTMF-16 takes its audio feed directly from your satellite receiver or other source. The audio output of the DTMF-16 feeds program audio to your console or switcher input. The control tones are automatically muted from the audio path. If your program material regularly contains Touch-Tones®, we will custom shift your control tones so that "normal" Touch-Tones pass through without muting.

The CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 remote control is a compact and rugged remote control unit that provides 16 optocoupled outputs using standard TouchTone® signals.

> High-current (Darlington) optocoupler outputs
> Sixteen momentary or interlocked latching outputs
> Defeatable beep-tone acknowledges incoming commands
> All outputs are completely isolated from each other & appear on a standard DB-37 connector. (mating connector included)
> High impedance, unbalanced bridging input accepts a wide range of input levels
> Built-in anti-falsing circuit eliminates errors when used on program lines & speech circuits.
> Selectable, two-tone sequence decoder eliminates errors on program lines & provides a measure of security when used with an autocoupler on dial up lines.
> All ICs socketed
> Power supply included
> Two year limited warranty.

The Silencer option board for the CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 Touch-Tone Decoder provides an inexpensive and convenient method for using DTMF remote-control tones in your program path without having the Touch-Tones on the air!


Application Notes for the CircuitWerkes DTMF-16 TouchTone® Decoder 

The DTMF-16 listens to an audio source (practically any audio source) and activates its appropriate output when it hears any one of the sixteen standard DTMF tones.

The DTMF-16 can operate in one of two possible modes: momentary or interlocked-latching. In momentary mode, the output stays on for the duration of the incoming tone. Interlocked-latching mode keeps the most-recently selected output on until a different DTMF tone is entered. The units are shipped from the factory set for momentary operation but can be changed to interlocked latching by moving one internal jumper.

The outputs are opto-coupled Darlington transistors. They are capable of operating practically any computer or logic input. They can be used to source or sink current (up to 150mA), making them ideal to drive slave relays or be used in place of relays in most DC applications.

Here's what some users are doing with their DTMF-16s:

  • Decoding Automation Tones from radio networks (connected to satellite receiver) and interfacing them with your automation system.
  • Backup transmitter control over STL, radio, or telephone coupler.
  • Radio remote control of camera pan & tilt heads.
  • Appliance / Computer control over telephone or radio link.
  • Firing cart decks / digital recorders in studios (simultaneously muting audio channel) from remote location.
  • Controlling an attention light at a remote broadcast via FM subcarrier.
  • Electronic outdoor billboard control via FM subcarrier.
  • Parade-Float control via radio link. Online control of RPU gear and radio repeaters.

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