CircuitWerkes HC-3 Hybrid Telephone Autocoupler

Optional single or dual rack mount available.

The HC-3's automatic features make it ideal for a variety of telephone tasks such as listen lines, concert lines & remote broadcasting. The dry relay contacts provide an interface to virtually every type of external device including all types of cart machines. The remote inhibit input can be interfaced to prevent the HC-3 from picking up the line until you are ready. This feature can allow a cart machine or other device to re-cue before the coupler answers the line. 

The HC-3's remote control features make it useful where the coupler must be mounted out of convenient reach of the personality or user. Additionally, the HC-3 may be easily controlled from more than one location at a time. 

The HC-3 features a simple active hybrid circuit that provides some separation of incoming and outgoing telephone audio. The unit has a bridging, balanced audio input with a send level control and a low impedance, balanced, output. 

For applications that require security, an optional combination lock is available. When installed, the caller must enter in a 4 digit, owner setable, password. Once the password is entered, a second internal DPDT relay latches for the remainder of the call. If the caller does not enter the correct code, the ComboLok will force the HC-3 to drop the call after three attempts. The ComboLok option is priced at an affordable $99.00. 

The HC-3 can be set to beep each time it picks up the line. When the optional ComboLok is installed the unit will beep twice when it first answers, then once more when the correct combination is entered.

The CircuitWerkes HC-3 is an autocoupler designed to more effectively meet the varied needs of today's modern broadcast or production facility. The HC-3's versatility makes it the best all around choice for your telephone needs. The HC-3's features include the following:

> Auto-answer & auto-hangup
> Remote pickup and hang-up control for manual operation
> Pickup inhibit function
> Simple hybrid circuit for bi-directional audio connection
> Bridging, balanced audio input with level control
> Low impedance, balanced audio output 
> All connections made to screw terminals
> LED's for incoming ring/on line, and power indications
> Momentary or latching dry relay closure at pickup
> Momentary ground pulse output at hang-up
> Ring counter lets you select number of rings before auto-answer
> Optional combination lock adds security & more
> Defeatable beep tone at pickup
> Automatic signal limiting
> Compact sized metal case mounts to wall or table
> Inexpensive, optional rack mount available 
> Two year parts and labor warranty standard

With all of its features, the HC-3 is truly the best coupler available today!
Custom versions of the firmware & hardware for the HC-3 are available. Some of the variations include:
  • A call timer that automatically disconnects after ## minutes.

  • A version with K3 placed and K3 latches for call duration or where K3 follows K2 (depending on K2's mode jumper).

  • The HC-3 generates a pre-programmed DTMF sequence when it answers for handshaking or controlling other products.

  • The HC-3 auto-answers whenever power is applied and does not disconnect until power is removed (totally manual mode).
  • We make custom variations of many products. We are always happy to discuss your custom needs.

Application Notes for the CircuitWerkes HC-3 Autocoupler 

The HC-3 answers the line after a selectable number of rings (set at two from the factory) and couples the line to your connected equipment. The unit can also be controlled manually with back panel controls and indicators or by remote control via its screw connector on the back panel. We include a power supply and telephone cord for the unit at no additional cost. 

The terminals include all of the controls as well as ground sink outputs for online/ring indication and the hang-up ground sink. Dry relay contacts which can be either momentary or latching for the duration of the call, as set by an internal jumper are also brought out to the terminals 

The HC-3 contains a simple hybrid and can be used bidirectionally, to both send and receive audio from a phone line, however the built in hybrid is not intended to replace more elaborate commercial hybrids. 

Here's what some users are doing with their HC-3's: 

  • Listen line. 
  • Concert/information line. Can automatically start any cart deck and be set to ignore incoming calls while the cart is being recued. 
  • Used at remote broadcast locations (like a far-away ball game where talent can't hear the station) so that the station can re-establish the call if it is accidentally disconnected.