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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

CircuitWerkes Telephone Products

CircuitWerkes makes a variety of telephone products ranging from simple telephone audio couplers to sophisticated remote controls. Almost all telephone products include telephone audio pass through. Many also feature remote control via DTMF (touch-tones) and/or serial data.

All prices are in US Dollars

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Picture Description List Price
Rack-mounted bank of up to 12 autocouplers (AC-1s) with dual audio busses & individual card audio I/O ports. Ideal for telephone broadcast networks, church service feeds to shut-ins, IFB (works well with intercom systems), and much more.
Available Options: AC-12 PS, AC-12 PSC, AC-12 PSE

Typically found in the studio environment
$349.00 (AC-12)
Coupler cards for AC-12. Cards are hot-swappable and can access either audio buss, or can be used to send or recieve individual audio. Can only be used in the AC-12 frame.
Available Options: CP-1
$175.00 (AC-1)
Click here AC-1h
Coupler cards for AC-12 with most features above and adding microprocessor control, active hybrid, send audio active limiter, and active balanced audio I/O.
Available Options: CP-1
$219.00 (AC-1h)
Stand-alone call progress decoder works with any coupler device. Forces devices to disconnect at the end of a call.
Available Options: None
$167.00 (CP-2)
Dial-up remote control with audio pass through. Works with most automation systems to allow unattended live remote broadcasts. Can also be set to cut into a broadcast for emergency warnings or quick announcements. (See also DT-232 & TAC-5)
Available Options: CP-1, Silencer

Typically found in the studio environment.
$399.00 (DR-10)
Dial-up, password protected, DTMF control with simple audio interface, fully programmable bi-directional DTMF to RS-232 converter & 4 relay outputs.
(See also TAC-5 & DR-10)
Available Options: RM-01, RM-02

Typically found in the studio environment.
$259.00 (DT-232)
HC-3 (formerly AC-3)
Hybrid telephone autocoupler. Automatically connects telephone audio to or from your equipment.
Available Options: CP-1, C-LOCK2, RM-01, RM-02
Typically found in either the studio or remote sites.
$259.00 (HC-3)
Portable amplified Mic/Line to telephone interface. Improved replacement for the Gentner Microtel. Can be used to send & receive audio from a phone line or can be used as a very high quality field mic and headphone amplifier. It's a great addition to any remote kit.
Available Options: None

Designed for the remote environment, but frequently used in studios.
$310.00 (MicTel)
Talking, recordable, dial-up, remote control with free control software.  Includes Sicontroller software and integrated Web server.
Available Options: SX-8, Individual spare PCBs or Spare PCB Kit

$1299.00 (SiCon-8)
Dial-up Remote Control with audio pass-through. SInexpensive alternative to the DR-10 with fewer functions and outputs but some added new features.
(See also DT-232 & DR-10)

Options: CP-1, RM-01 & RM-02
$319.00 (TAC-5)

Multi-line telephone ringer interface. Detects incoming rings for up to 6 lines & converts them to relay outputs.
Available Options: RM-01

Typically found in the studio environment
$259.00 (TELCO-6)
Manual telephone coupler and passive telephone listener. Send half-duplex audio to/from any POTS telephone line. Great and inexpensive addition to your remote kit.
Available Options: None

Designed for the remote environment, but frequently used in studios.
$99.00 (TelTap)

Telco Products Options
AC-12 PS
Additional wall power supply for AC-12 frame.
$40.00 (AC-12 PS)
Additional power supply card for AC-12 frame.
$170.00 (AC-12 PSC)
Additional European power supply card for AC-12 frame.
$60.00 (AC-12 PSE)
Call progress decoder daughterboard for AC-1, DR-10, and HC-3.
$109.00 (CP-1)
Combo-lock for stand alone HC-3. Provides security with up to 8 digit password required to access the coupler. Causes the coupler to hang up in 10 seconds if no password is entered.
$99.00 (C-LOCK2)
Additional standard CW power supply. Specify product at purchase.
$25.00 (CW PS)
Rack mount for single device. Specify product at purchase.
$28.00 (RM-01)
Dual rack mount for two devices. Specify product (HC-3, DS-8, DTMF-16, DT-232, GENr8, HC-3, SIL-II) at purchase.
$30.00 (RM-02)
Muted audio delay (50ms, 7kHz bw) removes DTMF tones. Available as a daughterboard for the DR-10, DS-8, and DTMF-16.
$169.00 (Silencer)