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MPC-2 Telephone DAA

Welcome to the MPC-2, FCC Registered, telephone DAA Page. The MPC-2 is a telephone coupling access assembly designed to provide safe, efficient, inexpensive and FCC legal telephone coupling to your product or project. The MPC-2 has a sale price of $39.95 in single quantities with volume discounts beginning at 25 pieces. The MPC-2 is provided with all necessary paperwork and pass though type approval label which is displayed on the outside of your device. The MPC-2 is available in either 5 Volt or 12 Volt versions. For more information about the MPC-2 in Adobe PDF format, you may download/view the technical manual here . For hobbyists and others that want to learn more about designing for part 68 approval, there is a simple, but informative paper in pdf format discussing the design process of the MPC-2 in some depth, including a quick tutorial on the basic POTS telephone system and things to consider when designing devices to interconnect to it. The paper is six pages long and includes construction notes for the MPC-2 & PCB Layouts for those who wish to etch their own for experimentation. Note, the PCB layouts in the paper are slightly smaller than the actual boards, so they'll need enlarging if you're going to etch your own. A complete article on the MPC-2 appeared in the May, 1993 Electronics Now magazine complete with 1:1artwork, for those who are interested.

The MPC-2 may only be purchased directly through us. Payment can be in advance or via C.O.D. Sorry, no credit cards accepted at this time. Please call or e-mail us for more information or to order. Our phone number is: (352) 335-6555.